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  • 16 years of professional experience

    The company engaged in biodegradable plastics for 16 years, worked for more than ten domestic production of biodegradable plastics company products, has accumulated rich experience

  • Products through the quality certification

    The company materials and products in the international authoritative institutions Belgium OWS through comprehensive testing, and obtained the eu OK Compost with EN13432, American BPI, ASTMD6400, FDA food grade test, such as a series of certificates, and through the SGS inspection, and ISO9001 quality system and 14000 environment system certification

  • Independent research and development, custom research and development according to customer requirements

    Independent from the material and the development of all kinds of bag bag type, free design, layout and packing method, forming a set of efficient industry chain, meet the needs of customers quality and fast delivery

  • Our commitment

    We promised produce all biological modified corn starch degradation of raw materials and products, in accord with compost within 3 months under the condition of 100% all degraded into carbon dioxide and water, and become organic fertilizer, return to nature. Placed in the case of moderate moderate, or supermarket shelves seal airtight case can hold 1 to 3 years

  • Broad customer base

    The company has with the domestic, vanguard, rt-mart, auchan, chain for seven days, and Lin, cool, bofeng lotus, alright, conch bay scenic area, Australia abroad, Coles, Targe, Saunk, Biobag, Sweden, the United States, Pet Waste Eliminator, Italy SISI, DBM, CRAI allied government procurement, etc

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